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First appearance: November 6th, 2005. Page subject to updates.

4. Guest Essay: Exploring the Productive Nanosystems Roadmap, Center for Responsible Nanotechnology Newsletter, October, 2007.

3. Interview: Solid-State Modeling of the Terahertz Spectrum of the Explosive HMX, an Accelrys case study about the use of DMol3 for simulating THz spectra, August, 2006.

2. Interview: Interview with Damian Gregory Allis, opinions on the state of nanotech by someone (me) with their elbow firmly on the pulse of the field. Interview brought to you by Sander Olson for Nanotech.biz, November, 2005.

1. Interview: Towards Computing Crystal Forms Access Magazine, Vol. 17, No. 1, Spring 2004. Cover story by Katherine A. Caponi. A brief discussion concerning the use of the NCSA facilities for solid-state theory and simulation, specifically geared towards the inelastic neutron scattering simulations of either rigid molecule or hydrogen-bonded molecular crystals.


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